Saturday, 9 May 2009

wheat bag!

so it's mother's day tomorrow and it has brought on a little creative project from me. i made my mum a wheatbag. i made myself one a while back and am absolutely lost without it now. i was surprised with how simple the concept is, and with a sewing machine, how relatively easy to make - for something that brings so much warmth and fuzzy feeling! i use whole flax seeds (or linseed) because then the bag doubles as a cool pack as well. microwave it for heat or stick it in the freezer if you want to use it as a cold pack. whoever first invented the wheatbag concept is a genius!

here's the one i made my mum

i machine embroided a few of the flowers for a bit of extra contrast

i hope that all of you mothers out there enjoy a lovely day with your families, and that you continue to be blessed and appreciated on everyday throughout the year as well!


beer said...

that is so wicked. i had no idea you were that good

hummingpea said...

thanks dude. i'm pretty good. i'm glad you now know :) hope you're teeth are feeling better

jenny said...

Thats really very fine and attractive embroiderer cover for pillow. Cool stuff over hummingpea's blog...

dsi r4