Saturday, 21 November 2009

...a few things I've been working on lately...

I've so been enjoying wandering through art books, finding peoples faces and making them 'mini'.

I'm also (still!) enjoying buttons..and the fact I have figured out how to make these necklaces reversible, so each side brings a new picture - two in one!

An old pillowcase...

And I've been experimenting with earrings...

All of these (except for the beautiful green lady who has already been sold) are available for purchase through my Etsy Store (see link on the right). Alternatively, you can contact me directly to order something custom..or pay in Aussie dollars..

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The risk I don't have to take

My new beginning, has begun! I have finished work and now entered the realm of 'motherhood'. Exciting, and scary, and altogether very new! I find the impending change to be quite a surreal feeling, so much expectation, hope, anticipation. We met our good friends brand new baby boy yesterday, he is so beautiful. Tiny and fragile, and full of life! It made me excited to meet the little life in me. It's so hard to comprehend that this little fish that I feel trying to escape from my tummy, comes into the world as such an amazing little human's just the indescribable miracle of life..amazing!

I am very grateful for the care I have available to me during this time. I don't take forgranted the fact that I have almost full confidence that both baby and I will be totally safe, whatever happens from now on in, help is right there for me, and we will be okay. I think everyday about women overseas who die from the simplest of complications. Babies who die. Families going through such horrific trauma, caused often only by a lack of resources and knowledge. Creating life is risky for them, I have no idea what that feels like..