Saturday, 21 November 2009

...a few things I've been working on lately...

I've so been enjoying wandering through art books, finding peoples faces and making them 'mini'.

I'm also (still!) enjoying buttons..and the fact I have figured out how to make these necklaces reversible, so each side brings a new picture - two in one!

An old pillowcase...

And I've been experimenting with earrings...

All of these (except for the beautiful green lady who has already been sold) are available for purchase through my Etsy Store (see link on the right). Alternatively, you can contact me directly to order something custom..or pay in Aussie dollars..

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The risk I don't have to take

My new beginning, has begun! I have finished work and now entered the realm of 'motherhood'. Exciting, and scary, and altogether very new! I find the impending change to be quite a surreal feeling, so much expectation, hope, anticipation. We met our good friends brand new baby boy yesterday, he is so beautiful. Tiny and fragile, and full of life! It made me excited to meet the little life in me. It's so hard to comprehend that this little fish that I feel trying to escape from my tummy, comes into the world as such an amazing little human's just the indescribable miracle of life..amazing!

I am very grateful for the care I have available to me during this time. I don't take forgranted the fact that I have almost full confidence that both baby and I will be totally safe, whatever happens from now on in, help is right there for me, and we will be okay. I think everyday about women overseas who die from the simplest of complications. Babies who die. Families going through such horrific trauma, caused often only by a lack of resources and knowledge. Creating life is risky for them, I have no idea what that feels like..

Saturday, 10 October 2009

New Life...

Yes, it's true..I have a baby growing inside me! It's quite big already and is approximately 26 weeks old..well, I am 26 weeks pregnant. But either way, it seems to be happy in there and is becoming quite good at gymnastics. It's such a strange sensation, a little fellow grooving around in my belly, it's really great, and sometimes startling enough to give me a little fright.

It's quite exciting, and also hard work, growing a person. I have been incredibly tired, and also nauseous a lot of the time. I am used to being tired, but this is like nothing before - it's like my body takes over, does what it wants and I can't argue. If I do, I pay for it for weeks...I sleep a lot, and I lie in bed trying to sleep a lot too. I am also rather emotional, especially when I'm tired, I get down, and feel I've failed...but friends remind me of the wonder of what is happening inside me, and it does encourage me.

The creation of human life is incomprehensible. It blows me away. An actual person is being 'built' inside of me. I can provide it with nutrients and energy, a place to rest and grow, but apart from that, I do nothing, and it is so intricately, delicately, uniquely formed. The wonder of conception, and formation - who can fathom it?! It really does make me see every life as such a miracle. When I stop and think about all this, I am more than amazed, in awe, of what is happening inside of me.

I am ultra good at being harsh on myself, expecting that I will be everything to everyone, and do everything I dream to do, all at once. I have been on a journey for as long as I can remember, trying to learn how to be realistic, and satisfied with what I can and cannot do. And this new life that has come, and is still coming, into our family, has been another huge part of my learning in this way. I can only be who, physically and emotionally I can be. I feel like my head, and my heart, explodes with many people I want to be a friend to, things I want to create, even chores that I want to do, and I constantly feel let down by myself for not being able to achieve all these things. And especially now, when I have half as much energy, and therefore capabilities as before, I am forced to realise more than ever, that I can only be what I am. I guess I am searching for satisfaction in this. I mean, I like who I am, I like what I stand for, and dream of, the kind of person I am and aspire to be. But I am not satisfied with the things that I achieve in a day, or seemingly lack to achieve I guess. I would love to believe I am doing the best I can do, and be happy with that.

It is a good journey, and I love to learn and grow, I'm grateful for every second, and excited for the day when my heart can find sweet peace in the truth of what I know in my head. It's good for me to be physically forced to ponder these things, and implement change in my thinking habits about myself.

Here's our little munchkin, still on the inside, but growing stronger (and bigger!) every day...xx

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah!

It's just gone my little nieces 2nd birthday, and what a ball of cuteness she is. Grandma and Grandpa gave her a wizz bang art board thingo, so followed an 'arty' theme to others gifts giving. I made her a smock and had a lot of fun doing it. I didn't quite get the size right, but the plan is that she'll grow into it...right?

One side has two pockets, for handy storage of useful things...

The other has her name...

And here she is, having a little dance...

Saturday, 9 May 2009

wheat bag!

so it's mother's day tomorrow and it has brought on a little creative project from me. i made my mum a wheatbag. i made myself one a while back and am absolutely lost without it now. i was surprised with how simple the concept is, and with a sewing machine, how relatively easy to make - for something that brings so much warmth and fuzzy feeling! i use whole flax seeds (or linseed) because then the bag doubles as a cool pack as well. microwave it for heat or stick it in the freezer if you want to use it as a cold pack. whoever first invented the wheatbag concept is a genius!

here's the one i made my mum

i machine embroided a few of the flowers for a bit of extra contrast

i hope that all of you mothers out there enjoy a lovely day with your families, and that you continue to be blessed and appreciated on everyday throughout the year as well!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Castle Bazaar Market

A few weeks ago I shared a stall at this market with my friends Bec and Lynda. It's a new market that a few girls have just started. We've done it twice now, it was a little busier the second time round - hopefully it goes from small to big and then bigger! Its a really chilled atmosphere in the beer garden of the Ed Castle Hotel - great lunch deals, drinks, and friends all round - the perfect way to spend a Sunday arvo...

Bec makes amazing cupcakes - so delicious, and she sold out! Here's us..

I think the market is going to continue on the last Sunday of each month...but I'll try and keep you posted, if you're in Adelaide and keen to check it out!

Monday, 23 February 2009

new adventures

well, it's been many a day too long since i last wrote on here. we're now back from london, settled down in the lovely home of two great friends and their two awesome little kids. we've got our little space in the room at the end of their place in which we sleep, create, and generally clutter our things..with pretty much each new day thats come to us, both my hubby and i have been getting more inspired to create and imagine and form things out of texture and line and colour. he's just started art school, and is loving it, which i love! it's so great to see him so excited as he comes home each night with new drawings and paintings and sculptures. new things he's learnt - and he's doing SO well! i am constantly impressed..of course..

as for me, i've had some time off of working everyday, which my creative spirits have welcomed with open arms. it's been nice to feel like i have some good time to just put in to exploring colours and patterns and well, just jibbing with my hands, and my newest friend, the sewing machine. he has been a stable friend, sometimes more involved in my life than others, but lately he has come back from a long break, and it's been fun! i've been enjoying fabric so much. here's a couple of pics of a couple of my latest adventures..fabric cuff bracelets..
and just as i was posting these photos i sold the blue cuff to a friend who just called! how cool! thought i'd still put it up so you could see it anyway..i like these little numbers. they are fun. i love the texture and patterns of fabric, especially old, preloved stuff - something special about it..a lot of the buttons i use are from my grandma's old collection too, i love the connections and intrigue of something loved by someone, so many years ago..and it comes around to be loved again, by someone new, but just as lovely..

i've also been really enjoying sewing mini-artworks onto fabric. i've made a couple of these into necklaces, and plan to do some more with them soon. as is obvious in my previous post, i was very re-inspired by the impressionists in london, so i've been doing mini-recreations of the faces in some of these works. especially tolouse-lautrec's. they fascinate me. here are a couple i've done so far..
i'll be back again, i promise sooner than last time, with some more thoughts, and hopefully new creations! hope you've had a good day

love. me xx