Monday, 23 February 2009

new adventures

well, it's been many a day too long since i last wrote on here. we're now back from london, settled down in the lovely home of two great friends and their two awesome little kids. we've got our little space in the room at the end of their place in which we sleep, create, and generally clutter our things..with pretty much each new day thats come to us, both my hubby and i have been getting more inspired to create and imagine and form things out of texture and line and colour. he's just started art school, and is loving it, which i love! it's so great to see him so excited as he comes home each night with new drawings and paintings and sculptures. new things he's learnt - and he's doing SO well! i am constantly impressed..of course..

as for me, i've had some time off of working everyday, which my creative spirits have welcomed with open arms. it's been nice to feel like i have some good time to just put in to exploring colours and patterns and well, just jibbing with my hands, and my newest friend, the sewing machine. he has been a stable friend, sometimes more involved in my life than others, but lately he has come back from a long break, and it's been fun! i've been enjoying fabric so much. here's a couple of pics of a couple of my latest adventures..fabric cuff bracelets..
and just as i was posting these photos i sold the blue cuff to a friend who just called! how cool! thought i'd still put it up so you could see it anyway..i like these little numbers. they are fun. i love the texture and patterns of fabric, especially old, preloved stuff - something special about it..a lot of the buttons i use are from my grandma's old collection too, i love the connections and intrigue of something loved by someone, so many years ago..and it comes around to be loved again, by someone new, but just as lovely..

i've also been really enjoying sewing mini-artworks onto fabric. i've made a couple of these into necklaces, and plan to do some more with them soon. as is obvious in my previous post, i was very re-inspired by the impressionists in london, so i've been doing mini-recreations of the faces in some of these works. especially tolouse-lautrec's. they fascinate me. here are a couple i've done so far..
i'll be back again, i promise sooner than last time, with some more thoughts, and hopefully new creations! hope you've had a good day

love. me xx